ARNE ( Artist-Run Network Europe )

Artist-Run Network Europe (ARNE) is a European project with focus on artist-run initiatives co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. In the course of two and a half years (October 2020–April 2023) the project will host a range of activities, including exhibitions, conferences, workshops and lectures. ARNE aims to strengthen the self-organised artist-run sector in Europe with focus on local and international cooperation, and to create a simple information framework for art professionals and art students, namely through a collaborative online platform, Artist-Run Resource Centre (ARRC).

It is common not only in the artist-run sector but the arts in general for the public to feel excluded from the art world, and in particular the activities of the ‘underground’ artist-run spaces can be considered niche and inaccessible. In a multi-layered format, the project bridges the gap between European cultures, professions and artists at different stages of their careers. It promotes international collaboration and mutual respect, and emphasises the importance of simple, transferable methods and a user-friendly layout of the online resource centre.