A Matter of Value

A Matter of Value is new publication which aims to offer artist-run initiatives a series of practical mechanisms to communicate the inherent and sustained value of their work. It is designed to support artist-run initiatives to define their social impact, articulate their social value, and provide internal reflective exercises for artist-run initiatives.

Artist-Run-Network-Europe (ARNE) podcast: Dylan Ryan

In the final episode of the ARNE podcast, Ormston House’s Niamh Brown speaks with Limerick-based artist and curator Dylan Ryan. Since graduating in 2021, Dylan Ryan has been an active member of the Limerick artist-run scene. In this episode Niamh and Dylan discuss how they became involved in the ARNE project and what networks and relationships have grown out of the experience.

Artist-Run-Network-Europe (ARNE) podcast: Rob Knijn

In the penultimate episode of the Artist-Run-Network-Europe ARNE podcast, Ormston House’s Niamh Brown speaks with artist, curator and co-founder of the Alternative Art Guide, Rob Knijn. In this episode, Niamh and Rob discuss the activities of the Alternative Art Guide and bringing the ARNE devised course “Artist-run, practice and theory” to the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

Perspectives on Practice: Artist-led spaces during regeneration – an interview with Niamh Brown, curator at Ormston House

Curator Niamh Brown reflects on the history of Ormston House as an artist-led organisation in Limerick City, and the process of securing long-term tenancy at 9-10 Patrick Street. The discussion explored the importance of relationships with programme participants, local creative communities, and wider audiences, as well as the highs and lows of securing a 30-year lease.

Artist-Run-Network-Europe (ARNE) podcast: Lina Rukevičiūtė

In this episode of the Artist-Run-Network-Europe (ARNE) podcast, Ormston House’s Niamh Brown speaks with independent curator and founder of the Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association (LTMKS), Lina Rukevičiūtė. In this episode, Niamh and Lina discuss their work and their involvement in the ARNE project.

Artist-Run-Network-Europe (ARNE) podcast: Stuart Mayes

Artist and cultural worker Stuart Mayes is the next guest to speak with Niamh Brown in this episode of the Artist-Run-Network-Europe (ARNE) podcast. In 2022 Mayes travelled to Latvia to take part in the Black Holes Residency at Totaldobže Art Centre, organised by ARNE. In this episode, Niamh and Stuart discuss his participation in the Black Holes residency and his involvement in the Swedish artist-run scene.

Artist-Run-Network-Europe (ARNE) podcast: Pam Grombacher

In the second episode of the Artist-Run-Network-Europe (ARNE) podcast, Ormston House’s Niamh Brown speaks with independent curator and co-director of Juxtapose Art Fair, Pam Grombacher. In this episode, Niamh and Pam discuss her involvement with Juxtapose Art Fair – a biennale for artist-run organisations in Aarhus – her ideas around sustainability, and her plans for the future.

Memory of Water: Mary Conroy

Mary Conroy’s work investigates humans’ connection with nature through socially-engaged practice, including participation & intervention. In this podcast, she talks us through her 3 projects developed during the international residency programme in Levadia, Gdańsk & Govan, engaging with the natural environment in three distinct locations. She also shares how she adapted her contribution in Scotland through a remote but authentic engagement with local community following COVID-19 restrictions.

The Sustainability Plan: Useful Curating

Linking Tania Bruguera’s Arte Útil (Useful Art), the function of art institutions and cognitive-science, Stéphanie Bertrand proposes a new model of curating in this essay. Exploring curatorial practice in relation to usership and the mediation of art; Bertrand considers epistemic action that pushes the practice beyond traditional forms of passive participation in art.

The Sustainability Plan: I remember dreaming with friends

In this essay, Haizea Barcenilla reflects on time, artist residencies, and the precarity and sustainability of artistic labour. In an art world that demands more of the artist, Barcenilla uses the Ormston House Artist-in-Residence scheme as a case study that explores a feminist approach to working with and ultimately supporting artists.

Interview with 3331 Arts Chiyoda

3331 Arts Chiyoda is managed as an independent and sustainable organization, holding all varieties of exhibitions, events, and projects. As an artist initiative carrying the motto “a place made for ourselves by ourselves,” most of our staff are artists themselves, conducting their own creative activities.