A Matter of Value

A Matter of Value is new publication which aims to offer artist-run initiatives a series of practical mechanisms to communicate the inherent and sustained value of their work. It is designed to support artist-run initiatives to define their social impact, articulate their social value, and provide internal reflective exercises for artist-run initiatives.

Artist-Run-Network-Europe (ARNE) podcast: Dylan Ryan

In the final episode of the ARNE podcast, Ormston House’s Niamh Brown speaks with Limerick-based artist and curator Dylan Ryan. Since graduating in 2021, Dylan Ryan has been an active member of the Limerick artist-run scene. In this episode Niamh and Dylan discuss how they became involved in the ARNE project and what networks and relationships have grown out of the experience.

Artist-Run-Network-Europe (ARNE) podcast: Rob Knijn

In the penultimate episode of the Artist-Run-Network-Europe ARNE podcast, Ormston House’s Niamh Brown speaks with artist, curator and co-founder of the Alternative Art Guide, Rob Knijn. In this episode, Niamh and Rob discuss the activities of the Alternative Art Guide and bringing the ARNE devised course “Artist-run, practice and theory” to the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

Perspectives on Practice: Artist-led spaces during regeneration – an interview with Niamh Brown, curator at Ormston House

Curator Niamh Brown reflects on the history of Ormston House as an artist-led organisation in Limerick City, and the process of securing long-term tenancy at 9-10 Patrick Street. The discussion explored the importance of relationships with programme participants, local creative communities, and wider audiences, as well as the highs and lows of securing a 30-year lease.

Artist-Run-Network-Europe (ARNE) podcast: Pam Grombacher

In the second episode of the Artist-Run-Network-Europe (ARNE) podcast, Ormston House’s Niamh Brown speaks with independent curator and co-director of Juxtapose Art Fair, Pam Grombacher. In this episode, Niamh and Pam discuss her involvement with Juxtapose Art Fair – a biennale for artist-run organisations in Aarhus – her ideas around sustainability, and her plans for the future.

PHONEBOOK 4 – A Directory of Independent Art Spaces & Initiatives Throughout the United States

PHONEBOOK is an ongoing Threewalls publication, which is a directory of independent and noncommercial art spaces, programming, and projects throughout the United States and
collections of critical essays and practical information written by the people who run them.

(In)dependent Contemporary Art Histories: Artist-run Initiatives in Lithuania 1987-2011

This is one of the first attempts to compile stories about the genesis and evolution of contemporary art in Lithuania from the period of Revival (1987) and the restoration of Lithuania’s independence to this day (2011). History unfolds in the critical texts by art critics and artists themselves, as well as in first-hand accounts – conversations with the initiators of art events.