ARRC ( Artist-Run Resource Centre )

What are artist-run initiatives?

Artist-run initiatives are usually run by artists, sometimes together with curators or other creatives. They can have many different shapes and formats, such as galleries, artists’ associations, collectives, galleries, pop-up spaces, nomadic projects and many others.


Why did we create the ARRC?

The Artist-Run Resource Centre is our – the artists’ – response to the ever growing-need for a coherent source of information relevant and related to the artist-run scene. ARRC originates in the Creative Europe-funded project Artist-Run Network Europe. As a group of diverse partner organisations from across Europe with a variety of experience from running artist-run initiatives (and most of us being artists as well), we identified the gap in accessing and sharing skills and knowledge with our peers and decided to do something about it.

Artist-Run Resource Centre allows anyone who feels they have something to say about the artist-run scene to contribute and share their experience. All this in a user-friendly format which makes the uploading experience easy to navigate. At the same time the platform offers access to artists and non-artists alike to find information about all aspects of the artist-run world.


What are we aiming to achieve?

We want to strengthen the artist-run scene, make it sustainable and accessible to everyone.
We believe that the spirit of collectivity and solidarity which exists within each artist-run initiative should be allowed to manifest and grow also in the international network of artist-run initiatives. The knowledge and experience gained by one initiative must be transmittable and accessible to other artist-run initiatives. Only through easy and transparent sharing of skills can we  strengthen the artist-run sector and other creative communities they impact on. 

We believe that the artist-run sector deserves a place which gathers all theoretical, historical, and critical content, while placing focus and shedding light on the ideology, the phenomenon and its instances.

We call on you to take part in the Artist-Run Resource Centre by sharing your unique knowledge and experience!