How can a solo artist (not a member of an Initiative) use the Artist-Run Alliance website?

A solo artist, which is not a member of an artist-run initiative, is welcome to explore the website for professional open calls and indie-art events. Our platform was made especially for artists to be able to contact the initiatives behind these activities, for mutual cooperation and collaboration. At the moment independent artists cannot create an artist profile, only a profile for an artist-run initiative. However, we hope to enable that in the future.

How do I register as a member and add my Initiative to the Artist-Run Alliance?

If you are part of an artist-run initiative, go to the top menu bar and choose “Upload”, or - on our homepage press “Upload Content”. Now, On the "Upload" page press “Send us your Initiative” to open up the upload form. Fill up the form with information about your artist-run initiative, as you’d like it to appear on ARA, read and approve our terms and conditions and click “Submit for Publication”. Reviewing and publishing should take around 2-3 working days.
Once it’s published, we will send you an email with a link to your page and with your login details.

How do I change my Password and edit my profile?

Login and go to “Account” - at the top-right corner on the website’s menu bar. You can now change your profile settings and edit. Under the “Account Management” section click on “Generate Password” to create a new password. You can use the system’s generated password or change it to your own preferred password by typing a new one before saving. Click “Update Profile” at the bottom of the page to save your settings.

How do I add a new Open Call or a Public Event?

You must have an initiative page on ARA in order to publish an open call (see instructions above).

Once your initiative is published, in order to add a new Open Call, press “Upload” on the website’s top menu bar. On the "Upload" page choose either “Send Us an Open Call” or “Send Us an Event”. Fill up the details and submit the form. We will review it and let you know as soon it’s published.

Alternatively, using the Wordpress system, choose “Account” on the top-right of the page, then choose “Open Calls & Events” on the vertical menu bar on the left. Click on the “Add New” button. Here you can edit your new Open Call. Make sure that on the “Open Call/Event Categories” bar on the right side you note if it is an Open Call or an Event, and also choose the appropriate subcategory. When you’re finished press “Publish”.